Upgrade Vodafone Galaxy S to Android 2.3.3

Good news for owners of Samsung Galaxy S, for those who once chose Vodafone, the company that funded the terminal through a term contract that will see theversion of the system and can be upgraded to the latest version of Android 2.3 3.

samsung galaxy s vodafone

samsung galaxy s vodafone

The steps are very easy to update, because, fortunately or unfortunately, dependingon who you ask, Samsung has its own software to carry out such operations. It’s as simple as connecting the phone via cable to your computer, restart and KIES to update the system. The process starts automatically and we will update theoperating system. The launcher is recommended to uninstall any you have installed, as some problems connecting to the computer.
Those who say they have updated the phone is much more fluid and also increases the battery life. Apparently, all the profits.

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