Tower Hero the Most Downloaded Android Game

Tower Hero – Cool Fun Game is regarded as the most downloaded android game in android market. As we all know that Android games are provided in many various. You can choose which Android games that interests you most. Tower hero Android games are a new type of casual game which is playable on both iPhone and android OS. Tower hero Android games are one of the best tower games to play on your android.

Tower Hero

Tower Hero

How to play Tower Hero Android games

The main goal of Tower hero game is to reach the top of the tower. In doing so, you may not run out of time. You have to place and climb up the ladder fast and correctly. To place the ladder accurately, you need to be wise. The floor is colored with maximum of 3 colors and they have holes that you have to jump over. To place a ladder, the color of bottom ladder should match the color of the floor on where you are standing.

You can place a ladder under above circumstances. However, the rule in Tower hero game is more complicated than any other games. If the color of top ladder and the color of next floor did not match, the remaining time provided for you will also be reduced. On the contrary, if the color matches, you will gain extra time and score.

Tower Hero Android games is an addictive game

Tower hero Android games have doodle graphics like cartoons and funny music. The combination of them both can present you an excitement when you are playing Tower hero Android games. When you are able to fix the fragile floor, you will feel great and satisfied. This feeling is very addicting so that you want to play the game again and again. Tower hero Android games are categorized as casual game that requires brain using, puzzle, arcade, and action factors. Go get Tower hero Android games in your android device and find pleasure and excitement through playing Tower hero.

Tower Hero 2

Tower Hero 2

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