Top Security News: Antivirus Ventures Targeting Droids and iPhone

AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids and iPhone is the latest news that generated by a website that discussing about the android security along with the theory about the virus itself. The AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids was told by a new security company called Lookout has raised $5.5 million and is planning to roll out security apps for new OS including Android and iOS. The news was back then told from the middle 2010. The leader of the AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids is the investment group led by  Khosla Ventures, a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm that working on a venture to create antivirus.

AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids

Sold more than personal computer

The fact about the AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids is that the new updates of selling on the mobile phones that becoming ever more like personal computers and even lot more on the direct sale. This condition is a good clue for developers includes the one that creating AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids.

The worm and malware that threatening

The condition that led the AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids meaning they are also becoming more vulnerable to traditional computer threats that came from hackers and viruses. The reason is that there are many possibilities on the creations of the malware like what happened to Australian student that able to create an iPhone worm that affected jailbroken iPhones and it can be a big deal for iPhone iOS, that reason attracts the AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids.

There are many reasons why it is better to create an AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids. Even if the worm did not cause any damage it is a good clue for security experts that getting to the idea of AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids. The experts suggested that injurious attacks on iPhones are possible so on the Android. The initial research also had done by Kaspersky Lab as a big antivirus company that discussing the malicious program that steals money from users of Nokia phones that becomes the supporting fact for AntiVirus Ventures Targeting Droids.

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