Top Latest Android App Voice Search

Android App Voice Search is the latest on top search Android App and the New Voice Search Hacked is the result that they expected to have. The Android App Voice Search is now available for Android app Search on green 1.0 for Motorola Droid, HTC G1, hero and Acer Magic that run really fast unlike other beta version of new app. The new Android App Voice Search is a quick-and-dirty hack for Android that fit for Android tab and Android phone.

Android App Voice Search

Fit for many Android versions

The new Android App Voice Search is the latest new Voice Search in Android 1.6 (Donut) that works really well in other versions. The new Android App Voice Search includes a better voice dialer than the older “Voice Dialer” application and other app to call the app with voice shortcut. The development still needs to attach it to a long press of the green button (call/send/answer) to make the access easier.

About its pros and cons

The first thing to do is to install it and it will create no new icon to click on as the reviews about Android App Voice Search said to have some pros and cons. There is no sign of its presence except that when you long-press the green button and it will appear as a Voice Search. Many people like it to have Android App Voice Search in the first place to be on the list and make the access easier.

On the first time run, the Android App Voice Search might need to click and set with Use by default and this app ready to use. The way to uninstall it using Settings/Applications/Manage and remove the Android App Voice Search is very easy and clean. This new app is compatible With Acer: Liquid (A1), HTC: Dream G1, Hero, Magic, Tattoo, and LG: Eve GW620, Motorola: Cliq, Dext, Droid, Samsung: i7500, and T-Mobile: G1. There are many benefits of having it inside your OS to keep up with faster way accessing shortcut with Android App Voice Search.

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