Top Download Google Music 4.0.1 for Nexus Prime Music Player

Google Music 4.0.1 is the top download stuff for Nexus Prime Music Player that came from the Ice Cream Sandwich now available for your Phone and there are many users love it. The new Google Music 4.0.1 is the one that competing the Apple and iPhone 4, and the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus from Google and Samsung is the best partner that made the android to the next level for an OS and also the way of life, so the new Google Music 4.0.1 is a great invention that will beat the iPhone.

Google Music 4.0.1

From Verizon and it is improved inside

The Google Music 4.0.1 was reported to create by Verizon engineer who happens to be carrying a very special phone that leave in a bar. The commercial set the story were told by Androidpolice and they have got that device to extract some goodies to present us and the stuff is Google Music 4.0.1. The Google Music 4.0.1 is now available to download, the new and improved version from Ice Cream sandwich for your current Android Smartphone that makes your day better.

The new console of Google Music 4.0.1

It is are real and it is new, this Google Music 4.0.1comes with revamped tabs and player area and the interface is also redesigned that makes the access even easier for any users. The top downloaded Google Music 4.0.1 from the new Ice Cream Sandwich Music player looks cleaner and it is easier to use. Now the users will have enough time to explore it and first to download Nexus Prime Music Player.

From Ice Cream Sandwich

The first thing to do is to download the Google Music 4.0.1. Then right before install the downloaded Music2.apk, you need to uninstall the previous version of Google Music, and you need to use the Titanium Backup/App Backup to uninstall it. The next step to have Google Music 4.0.1 is to reboot your device ten you need to sync after installing. Do not forget to head into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and clear data and enjoy the Google Music 4.0.1.

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