The Top Rated New Samsung Galaxy S 3 Android Phone Coming Within Months

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the new species of the Samsung Galaxy and many people still ordering the Galaxy II, meanwhile the revolution begin on month. You need to be patient to have the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 since there is a tempted Samsung Galaxy S2 that already becomes the second range of Samsung Galaxy series. The news about Samsung Galaxy S 3 also supported by the other version as the new Galaxy Nexus is proving better on the benchmarks that also on the hot sale.

Samsung Galaxy S 3

The incoming new third generation

The new version of Galaxy is already testing its new and incoming Samsung Galaxy S 3. With many reviews that discussed about the latest version that already on sale and the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 which is expected to give Apple iPhone the toughest challenge and they will compete on the market. Many users believe that the Samsung Galaxy S 3 will give the edge over other competing handsets is the quad core Exynos 4412 CPU with better performance.

Many users await it and expected more from Samsung Galaxy S 3

Since the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 not yet announced officially and there are many reviews that already hinting at the new top Android phone 2012 being tested by the Korean company and give some result about it, pros and cons. You can find the reviews about the Samsung Galaxy S 3 on the Android blogs and forums. Many users have even started covering the upcoming Galaxy S 3 specification like uncovering information hidden on many online forums.

Many reviews and discussions shows if the Samsung Galaxy S 3 appears that Samsung is already at testing stage of the Exynos 4412 and the final stage would be completed this year. The new Samsung Galaxy S 3 equipped with the quad-core processor on the upcoming Android handsets and it has raised new comments and appraisal. The reason that makes the quad-core Android phones proving economical with battery consumption on the new Samsung Galaxy S 3.

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