The Difference between Android and Windows Operating System

Android and windows can work well for the mobile and pc users. However, there are some aspects that make android different from windows operating system. Here is the review about the differences between android and windows operating system.


Android vs windows operating system specification

The first difference between androids and windows can be seen from the gadgets supperted by those operating systems. Windows does not support gadgets as many as android does, especially for mobile devices. The second difference is in pricing aspect. Androids are expensive when it is compared to the pure licensed windows operating system by Microsoft. What makes android more expensive is because it has additional feature and compatibility with many hardware and software application brands. The third aspect that make androids different from windows is that androids offer a large range of applications and smartphone applications to its users. While windows do not provide special installations and setups for Google chromes, Android does. As the consequences, android has the largest computing capability with totally graphical user interfaces to its users with diverse application purposes. Windows more focuses on the personal computer space and monitoring, while android focuses on the strangler’s holder by the windows to diversify its use.

Android vs windows operating system mobile technology

Today, mobile technology becomes the most latest and popular gadgets all over the world. Smartphones instantly becomes favorite because these kinds of gadget have integrated the whole computer system in a single mobile set. In a short period of time, android outperforms windows when it was first launched. Now androids have about 8 million users while windows have 3.7 million. Windows is well known for its reliable speed and execution setting to its users. However, androids can perform faster than windows, since it simplifies the internal coding that works for windows. Androids are more flexible than windows operating system. This is the reason why people today prefer to use android technology rather than windows operating system. The last plus point that androids has is that androids has all the capabilities of operating system, but it also has function as a device for communication.That’s all about android.

Android 2

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