The Best Android Games for 2012 Available on A Forecast

Best android games is now become the new search trend. Many third parties, outside the phone and android, try to develop as interesting as possible best android games. It is really interesting to see this phenomenon that the games demand is rising as the android phone stand tall together with other brand. There are many best android games we can get from the internet but most of them just a trash. Later we will have the best games in android so far and forecast the next best games in Android phone.

best android games

2011 Best Android Games

2011 will end in less than 40 days. In 2011 there are some best android games that can be regard as the best. It is can be seen from the downloaded number or the review of it. For the 2011 best android games list we have Angry Birds that has migrate from IPhone to Android.  This game is so popular in IPhone before it is also available in the Android operating system. Some said that the most interesting thing form the games it is challenging and easy to play.

Forecast for 2012

It is will be our advantages if we can predict the next best android games. It is always good to be the first to know about everything. For 2012, we may have completely different view about what we call as best android games. Android has now invaded the tablet area; it means that some more heavy games can now be played in android. The prediction will be some big games like NFS and PES. Those two games may become the favorite.

Best android games used to is just about games for phone. Android is now developing its engine so it can be used for larger display. It enables for new best android games to enter the android world. We can now experience some high spec games like NFS in the android tablet. So stay tune to get more info about best android games.

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