Swiftkey X, best keyboard apps for Android

If you have Samsung Galaxy, you must be familiar with Swype S, a keyboard that works by moving the finger on the keys and does quite well. Now you can try SwiftKey X Beta, a free keyboard apps.

Swiftkey best keyboard apps for Android

Swiftkey best keyboard apps for Android

What I have been surprised. Work as usual and you can use several fingers. What has left me mouth open is how well it detected a single letter the next word you will write. To use it you have to go to market or to the webstore and download it to your terminal. The next step is to enable you to work:

One of the most important steps is choosing the language, we can have up to 3 different. One of the strengths of the application is to learn from our way of writing in the social networks that allow them to, andFacebook, Gmail and Twitter.

Then we select our way of writing, if we are accurate or prefer to write quickly and rely on the keyboard. In conclusion we must tell the system that will be our default keyboard.

Now we can start to use it, choose any other application where we can write and display a keyboard with more keys wide and that as the pulse becomes larger.

This application is smart rather than predictive, every time we use it learns more and more of the words most used and how we use them. With more than 500,000 downloads in its free version and between 100,000 and half a million of the payment, we can say that we like and love each day more users. They claim it takes longer to use self-correction in choice prediction, often hitting a third of the words with a letter and 80% with two, that said for themselves. In tests I have done, I can say that not a lot wrong.

My personal opinion is that it will stay with me a long time and when you leave the paid version checkout.
If you have any doubts, you can view the following video made by the team Swiftkey. Where can even see the tablets with Honeycomb version.

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