Samsung Galaxy Mini Maximum Performance

Samsung Galaxy Mini could be the best option for those who yearning mid low spec android based smart phone. This phone is the little brother of the three mid spec Samsung Galaxy alternatives. This Samsung Galaxy Mini is in fact the variant of Samsung Galaxy with the serial name S5570. Although it sold with the lower price with his brothers, the excellence of Samsung Galaxy Mini is undoubted. Samsung Galaxy Mini has the only same spec with the other brothers. The operating system it used is also the similar.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Samsung Galaxy Mini appearance

Let’s leap to the Samsung Galaxy Mini appearance. The color theme of Samsung Galaxy Mini is brilliant color. There are three main buttons beneath its capacitive touch screen exhibit. The design is so stylish and beautiful even though its cover with the bright color. The Samsung Galaxy Mini is support the 3G internet connection and Wi-Fi device. There are no problems with the internet connection. The Wi-Fi device also works well to catch even deprived signal.

Samsung Galaxy Mini: 600 MHz main processor

The Samsung Galaxy Mini has 600 MHz for its main processor. This processor is adequate to hold up the performance of Android version 2.2 (Froyo). The dimension of this mid low spec android based smart phone is 110 x 60 x 12 mm. the display is only the similar with the Samsung Galaxy Gio. Samsung Galaxy Mini display is 3.14” with the resolution of 320 x 240. These specs have shown that this phone is not an ordinary mid low spec android based smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy Mini is just a maximum performance in mini form. The good things are that this Samsung Galaxy Mini is selling at lower price than its brothers. The interface is also user gracious. We can find other positive things from some of user reviews regarding this Samsung Galaxy Mini.

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