Samsung Galaxy Gio Identifications

Samsung Galaxy Gio is one of the most popular mid end smart phone that should be considered. There is no need to be worried that most of Samsung’s product is the best product with fascinated technology. The Samsung Galaxy Gio is one of Samsung’s products that based on android operating system. It is made in mid end application to meet some users insist. We all be acquainted with that there are a variety of users and of course there are a variety of demands.

Samsung Galaxy Gio

Samsung Galaxy Gio dimension

The best thing about Samsung Galaxy Gio is its dimension, its screen and its operating system (the Android). Samsung Galaxy Gio dimension is fairly practical, its 58 x 111 x 12 mm. It has the perfect size in our hand. It will also simple to take in our pocket or a mini bag. Besides that, the form of this smart phone is gorgeous. It does not mean that this smart phone is girl’s phone. Let us check out the Samsung Galaxy Gio display or screen. It is 3.2 inch Samsung implausible clear screen. Samsung is known with its good excellence screen though. The screen pixel is 320 x 480. It is adequate for a small dimension phone like Samsung Galaxy Gio. The Samsung Galaxy Gio exhibit is as sharp as Samsung Galaxy II. This smart phone is even enhanced with its Android operating system. We can have some good applications or widgets in our phone. There are many high-quality applications that inserted in this operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Gio features and interface

Those three things are the attractiveness of Samsung Galaxy Gio. There are still good things about this smart phone like its features and interface. The drawback of this Samsung Galaxy Gio may come up from its major processor. Though so, for mid spec smart phone the processor is quite good. Yet, it is still worth to have the Samsung Galaxy Gio.

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