Samsung Galaxy Ace Best mid Spec Android Based Smart Phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace is the middle spec android based smart phone from Samsung. This android based smart phone has the just same level with his companion the Samsung Galaxy Gio. Samsung Galaxy Ace is built to assemble the market insist of low price android based smart phone by good performance and quality. Samsung respond it with this phone. We know that there is constantly the mid spec level for every product. For instance, there is gaming desktop personal computer with extremely high specification. There is also lower spec version with more reasonably priced of its version.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace interface

The interface of Samsung Galaxy Ace is also attractive. The Samsung Galaxy Ace display is better than the Samsung Galaxy Gio. This phone has 3.5” touch screen display. Below the display there are three main buttons, it is home, call/end. The memory could be upgrade to 2 GB. This Samsung Galaxy Ace is sustained Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We can connect it to the internet if we can discover any Wi-Fi signal. For gamers there are four bundled game in this Samsung Galaxy Ace. The drawback of the Samsung Galaxy Ace comes from its display quality. It has not applied astonishing AMOLED display. The bundled game can’t be uninstalled. Samsung Galaxy Ace comes in the market with extremely reasonable price. There are nothing to be doubt concerning the performance and the quality of Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Samsung Galaxy Ace and Android 2.2

Samsung Galaxy Ace runs the Android 2.2 (Froyo) for its operating system. It means that the quality of this phone operating system is you do not need to question. We know that the Samsung Galaxy S II also perform the same Android. Froyo is the latest android version that has extraordinarily out in the market. There are many applications, games, and widget that can be installed in this Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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