New Features and a Design Facelift of Dropbox for Android 2.0

Dropbox for Android 2.0 boasts something to support you browsing your online. It is called a three-tab interface. They are main view, uploads and favorites. The main view functions as a place where you are able to display all files that have been displayed. Seeing which documents are being in line to be uploaded to the cloud from the phone can be done through feature of uploads. Then the favorites of Dropbox for Android 2.0 is for knowing where the users leave for accessing documents that have been taken to your Android cell phone for offline use. Many people are getting head over heels with Android recently. It can be said that Android is a new idol in this era. The reason why it can be so is because people are able to insert any application in Android. For those who like playing games, Android is also the best preference. You can download applications to get unlimited pleasure through Android. Android spoils the users with all extraordinary facilities. One of those facilities is Dropbox for Android 2.0.

Dropbox for Android 2.0

Dropbox for Android 2.0

Features of Dropbox for Android 2.0

ICS phones and Honeycomb are going to see the tabs symbolized in an unexciting accomplishment bar by means of just the icons however Gingerbread and preceding devices will notice a ramp bar. All editions of Dropbox for Android 2.0.will are able to touch the down arrow on a document or directory and obtain alternatives of to Delete, Share, Export, Favorite, or Rename.

New Features of Dropbox for Android 2.0

New features of Dropbox for Android 2.0 have been revealed. The features are supported Dropbox very well. The Dropbox for Android 2.0 itself is able to ease in managing documents from that dropdown menu. The documents are able to be sent by users from Dropbox openly to Google Docs or an electronic email. All you can enjoy by installing Dropbox for Android 2.0.

Dropbox for Android 2.0 2

Dropbox for Android 2.0 2

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