Iris for Android As the Most Wanted App

Iris for android is now become the hottest download since the alpha for the Android App. Many discussions said if the name of Iris is siri in reverse, the basic function is great and if you ask anything and she will answer you directly. Iris for android is one of the Android App that can answer questions and advice the user. As a new application, iris for android called as it is just arrived on Android Market and many people try it.

iris for android

iris for android

The origin of Iris

On the beginning, the iris for android was inspired from the iPhone feature SIRI and its basic function is to interact with you in voice and it is as siri in reverse with the same function. The basic fun will talk to you and iris for android as a great app to you on any topic which derived from Philosophy, Culture, History, science to general conversation.

The progress about the iris for android

The first version of iris for android was developed in only 8 hours and many expert users never expect it to be very best but we promise some fun for app with the proper qualification. The iris for android also supports the “Voice Search” and “TTS library” if you have installed in your phone for iris to be the app to use. Many Android phones come with these pre-installed Iris.

You can watch the demo on the Google Voice nicely to and it the app doing the work said as the new app and one like Siri as a dedicated app for android. As a new born Android App and there are many links to download iris for android. The website also can use the Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone for the new iris for android. The website also provides the link to get updates on latest Android News and other reviews for iris for android.

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