Ice Cream Sandwich Slider the Top Android Themes Widget

Ice Cream Sandwich Slider is one of the widget to customize your android phone with the new slider that also worked on the Honeycomb series. The Ice Cream Sandwich Slider is called the Widget Locker Lock screen that recently updated to v2.2 is an Android app that will allow you to customize your Android phone with the new featured slider. With this new Ice Cream Sandwich Slider, it will customize your screen with other goodies.

Ice Cream Sandwich Slider

With 3D effect for your screen

The app is called Widget Locker Lock screen with the new sliders will bring the Ice Cream Sandwich and the Honeycomb with new Ice Cream Sandwich Slider. This app will works on the Honeycomb and Sense 3 effect to your Android phone that brings some benefits for the theme. The new Ice Cream Sandwich Slider also came with the list of added features and bug fixes for the optimum app you can use.

The new customizable widget

Many new improvements of the Ice Cream Sandwich Slider like it come with the improved and customizable clock that also optimized for tablet with Hardware Acceleration so you don’t need to worry about the performance. The new Ice Cream Sandwich Slider has the better slider setup interfaces with the compatible app with the Android ICS firmware.

The new released version of the Ice Cream Sandwich Slider comes with the the list of bug fixes include the Moto OTA Conflict, Keyboard focus bug, Ice Cream Sandwich Compatibility, and also Unlock-With-WiFi. The performance of this app is much better since the Ice Cream Sandwich Slider also provide the various optimizations. The most impressive thing from this app that it is featured in the must have Android apps list that you can download the app using the link given at the end of this post and it is worth the price and effort for the new Ice Cream Sandwich Slider.

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