HTC Thunderbolt 2011 for Fixes Bugs and Cures Frustration

HTC Thunderbolt 2011 has been improved. It is not a secret that this device gets bad response from users. Something wrong of this device happens. The users complain many problems they get from old HTC Thunderbolt 2011. In the first time it is released in early 2011, customers are attracted with its look. However, they find something not good in previous series of HTC Thunderbolt 2011. In. Complaints are addressed to the product as well. The bad responses from the customers make the company lose their confidence and credibility. Then, the products get improvement in some aspects. It makes the device more sophisticated. You are able to set the product into handset style by navigating from the home screen of yours.

HTC Thunderbolt 2011

HTC Thunderbolt 2011

Problems of Previous HTC Thunderbolt 2011

Customers are disappointed with HTC Thunderbolt 2011. It happens for some problems in the product. First, they are not satisfied enough to contact ringtones. Second, there is no volume of notification. Third, the customers are not able to know that local streaming playback mechanism when connection of network is not accessible. Fourth, the product is not able to be used for Twitter API for Friendstream/Peep. Fifth, HTC Thunderbolt 2011 does not completed with clock application. In addition, exchange ActiveSync is not good enough.

Improvements of HTC Thunderbolt 2011

Do you know what the company does to respond the complaints? To respond the complaints from the customers, the company of HTC Thunderbolt 2011 analyzes the problems. What is going on to the product actually? That becomes a big issue to solve. Then, the company decides to do some improvements for the product to get their dignity, confidence, and credibility. They improve contact ringtones, notification volume, updated local streaming, updated Twitter API, clock application, and exchange ActiveSync. The last December 2011, the company will release the incredible new version of HTC Thunderbolt 2011.

HTC Thunderbolt 2011 2

HTC Thunderbolt 2011 2

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