How to transfer file to Android without USB

Was not you, but I have to mount the USB every time I want to transfer files to Android it gets on my nerves. But luckily the wonderful world gives us juicy Android applications to solve our problems. Today I want to introduce Android apps called Awesome Drop.

Awesome Drop, Leave the name suggests, drop in an amazing way. And that is precisely what is proposed AD: wirelessly transfer files without cables. And how is that done? Well, First you have to download the free application Awesome Drop to bring them down into the application from your phone. No need to be either on the same wireless or anything like that. Works on 3G without problems. Then say you have been connected and the display changes to.

awesome drop transfer file

awesome drop transfer file

From now on you just drag files to the table to begin to transfer to your Android phone in just a second. You can drag any kind of files and supports multiple selection. Very impressive!

The only complaint I can make is that using Firefox I opened the files instead of being queued, but I solved the problem by trying out Chrome. Silly me I did not remember which need HTML 5, so only valid for browsers such as Firefox 3.6, Safari & Chrome 5. In any case the application is in beta but it’s still a small wonder. Enjoy transfer file to Android without USB wirelessly.

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