How to Stream Android TV Application

Android TV application is one of interesting applications in Android operating system. This application can be used for Smartphone and also Android operating system.  You are able to enjoy the facility of Android TV application in Android phone if only you have connection to the internet through WiFi or cellular data connection. The process of applying Android TV application is obtainable on market especially in Google Android Market. You have good authority also to access the Android Market by means of your interface in your Android device like tablet or Android phone. Automatically, you are able to install Android TV application after you download the application. The content of it is right away on hand.

Android TV application

The Steps to Stream Android TV Application

First of all, you need to tap “Market” from the “Applications” menu on the Android device of yours. After that, you are able to access the Android Market application. The second step to stream Android TV application is tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the window. What you need to do next is typing “Streaming TV” in the search column and then tap “Search.” The list of applications that you are able to download is appearing then. The third step to stream Android TV application, you should select a streaming TV application from the list.

Page of Android TV Application

The page of application is open after that. SPB TV, Crackle and Live Stream TV are some examples of applications of streaming TV. Tapping “Install” to download the applications to the Android device of yours is what you need to do next. However, you need to enter your password for your account in Google to be familiar with the download page. After waiting some time, you will get the Android TV application downloaded and automatically installed in your Android device.  Your duty to stream Android TV application next is tapping the icon of application to open it, and then you are able to utilize the navigation menu of application to get the application show that you intend to watch with Android TV application.

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