How to install APK files from Dropbox

From this site, you can get a lot of comments and download games and applications APK . However, we receive many inquiries from readers asking me how to install apk Android Android phones or tablets. Now I will give a brieftutorial on installing applications or game APK APK Dropbox Android phone.

logo dropbox android

logo dropbox android

How to install the APK Dovecote
Get Dropbox (online storage space that can be used free on your PC and phone).Go to, get an account and install the program on yourcomputer.
Dropbox also download the application to your phone in the market ( Then configure the newly created account.
Now you have a special Dropbox on your computer where everything in it is alsosynchronized with the phone.
Then just download the APK file and put it into the Dropbox folder. After opening the phone application.
Read permissions and install the application.
As you can see the methods are very simple. You can use any of them according to their preferences, they all work.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial to install Android APK! Please do not hesitate if youwant to share this tip tutorial to your blog or social network and will be happy if you can put a link to this source of short message.

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