Galaxy S II will use Tegra 2 processor

There’s nothing like a confirmation of this to ensure that a true technological problem. You know that all terminals that pass through the FCC, Federal Communications Commission in the United States of America are the least bitbroken. It is a way to meet the data sheet of the terminal before it is confirmed and submitted by the manufacturer in question. This time, we are concerned about what will be the new S version of the Galaxy II. The same desire Tegraprocessor 2, a more powerful market that could improve the performance of thisnext generation smartphone.

samsung galaxy s II tegra 2 Processor

samsung galaxy s II tegra 2 Processor

The mobile phone has been submitted to the U.S. Commission called theGT-i9103, a reference code that we had seen before, along with the next versionof the flagship of Samsung. Thus, the Galaxy II S could incorporate Nvidia Tegra 2, a processor that runs at a maximum frequency of 1 GHz and is based on the ARM Cortex A9. So far there has been incorporated into many devices, tabletsrecording and electronic book readers. With the addition of S Galaxy II processorto improve performance and capacity.
The truth is that now, Samsung has not yet been done. Some media havepredicted that the Tegra 2 Galaxy II S is available with reservations. This meansthat some markets are expected again this year, while others have no problem on their shelves. Some users loyal to Samsung not hesitate to say that he prefers the first official release. The Samsung Galaxy S Exynos II processor, a chipsetmanufactured by the Korean company would not be available for the mass marketworldwide. That is why so many changes. We hope to provide all the information produced.

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