Fruit Ninja Game Let You Feel the Guts of Slicing Fruit

Fruit ninja game is claimed as the most popular game for slicing fruit in the world. It is categorized as the new game indeed. We rarely find the game that has game play of slicing fruit. Perhaps there was but it just not popular. As a popular game there are must something interesting about Fruit ninja game. In the android market, there are more than 25.000 people have downloaded Fruit ninja game and the numbers are keep rising and rising each day.

fruit ninja game

The Fruit Ninja Game Play

Fruit ninja game is easy to play. That is one of the reasons why many android users like it. It just like the Angry Birds, it is challenging and easy to play. Fruit ninja game is a simple game; all we have to do is just slice the fruits that come to us. We should race with the time given to us. Beware of the trap; there are some fruits like bomb that will blast us. We can earn more point by slicing some fruits that activate their bonus points.

Fruit Ninja Game Is Paid Game

Fruit ninja game is the paid one. The price is not high; we can have it for only $ 1.17 in android market. It is really such an affordable price for a game like this. The numbers of people that have downloaded Fruit ninja game is above 25.000. The numbers will definitely rise each day since this game is one of the new popular games for android.

Fruit ninja game is not only available in Android market but also other places. We can also play it in iPhone. As the one of the most popular game, Fruit ninja game will definitely get better and better game play. Hopefully, we can still have it for the next android version that work on bigger display. For those who are interest in it, just visit the android market. In the first page of android games we will find the Fruit ninja game.

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