Create Little Orbs: The Best Android Wallpaper

Create Little Orbs is become the hot and the best android live wallpaper since it can swirl. Now you can download it and grabbed nifty Android live wallpaper for your phone and you can have it every time on your eyes. The new Create Little Orbs called aSpiritBomb, and the name has described it best. The wallpaper will create Little Orbs by tapping anywhere on the screen and it is alive. With this Create Little Orbs you can now create little orbs that swirl into the glowing center like the universe works inside your handset.

Create Little Orbs

The look of elegant and techy

The main attractive point of Create Little Orbs is the way it moves and the center of it which resembles a sun. The attraction is not only the Create Little Orbs but the sun then grows and pulses as you continue to add more and more orbs to it and looks really alive for our eyes, a great creation for wallpaper.

The way to make more orbs

It is easy to Create Little Orbs by simply dropping an application or widget because numerous orbs to be launched from it and you need to be ready for a true tough experience that will attract your eyes every time you see it. The great thing on the Create Little Orbs is when the sun grown large, you can tap on it and shoot out tiny specs of light like a real sun and it is very attractive.

This wallpaper that Create Little Orbs is looking like ordinary wallpaper at first but when you double tapping will cause the sun to actually explode. Then the Create Little Orbs is shooting out orbs of every color in all directions like the creation of a galaxy or star on supernova. This wallpaper can be a great attraction for those who played Geometry Wars that noticing a wormhole when they explode on the Create Little Orbs.

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