Android Web Browsers for Android Based Smart Phone

Android Web Browsers is not the name of browser bunched with the android operating system. It does not like Internet Explorer and the Windows. Recently android has not yet built its own browser. It makes chances for the third party to make the browser program for this operating system. There are several trusted internet browsers we can use for our android based phone. Some of the Android Web Browsers is recognizable for phone browser. The other is the new browser. The examples of these Android Web Browsers are Firefox Mobile, Opera Mini, and Dolphin.

Android Web Browsers

Android Web Browsers: Firefox Mobile and dolphin

Firefox Mobile is the other Android Web Browsers you can have. In the wider display you have known the Mozilla Firefox. Now, we can have this browser in our Android based phone. The features of this Firefox Mobile are alike with the Opera Mini but we can add the Ads On for the Firefox Mobile. Dolphin is an Android Web Browsers that does not has the wider display version. The Dolphin is by now well-known for Android based phone user. The plea of this browser is the tab features and the finger touch mode. Dolphin is made to make it easier to use for touch screen display.

Android Web Browsers: Opera Mini

Some of those Android Web Browsers are already known. Opera Mini and Firefox Mobile have been known by most individual computer user. Opera Mini is the phone mode browser form Opera browser. These days we can have Opera Mini 5 for our android based smart phone. The smart phone version for this browser has reach version 8. For Android browser, the Opera Mini 5 is still suggested. Those three Android Web Browsers are the most used browsers. Their features make it easier to use for. There are of course still many Android Web Browsers we can have. There are many sites that provide information and download link of the Android Web Browsers.

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