Android Top Applications You Should Have

Android top applications are so plentiful. Dissimilar people may have dissimilar point of view on this idea. It means that what is helpful or good for us can be not useful for others. But there are still some apps that are helpful for most users. Those kinds of apps typically relate to some every day activity or jobs. The Android top applications can be a variety of in genres. It could be about social networking, mailing, weather apps etc. Android top applications could be the one we employ most.

Android top applications

Android top applications: Tub Thumper, Barcode Scanner, and the Weather Channel

There are some instances of the Android top applications suggested by some site. They are the latest suggested apps to us for our android based phone. The examples of Android top apps are like Tub Thumper, Barcode Scanner, and The Weather Channel. Barcode Scanner is an app that will assist us read the barcode on products. The barcode contain some detail information of its product. Knowing it could be so helpful. We can also get the info about its expired period, if it does not present in the wrap.

Android top applications: Tub Thumper for drummer

Other suggested Android top applications are Tub Thumper. Tub Thumper is a drum instrument app. It is virtual drum like IPhone have. We can play it unswervingly by tapping the exhibit. It is truly amusing for those who love music particularly the drum instrument. We can do some jams with our friend with this kind app installed in our android based phone. The Weather channel could be anybody Android top applications. It is truly useful for those who love to take a trip. The Weather Channel provides update information about the weather online from the forecast web. There are still a lot of other Android top applications we can’t talk about. Some of them are adware. Most adware offers better service. But it is possible that they may become the Android top applications.

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