Android Tips to Recover Deleted Files Using Undelete Beta Android App

Android tips below will be very useful for those who accidentally delete some files on their android smartphone. The files that have been deleted can be recovered using Undelete Beta Android Application. This application, which promises to recover deleted files from your SD card or internal storage, is developed by Farbot Mobile and is the first application of its kind on Android. Undelete Beta Android Application is able to recover your files. However, do not expect it to recover files that you deleted one year ago, for example. For your information, when we delete files from memory, the files actually do not get lost. It’s only the log table that is changing. The files is still somewhere in your smartphone anyway. However, after we put some more new files the memory become full and start to replace the deleted files with the new ones. Therefore, if you want to recover the deleted files you have to make sure that you haven’t put many new files on your android. Data recovery is not guaranteed but there is a great chance to get your recently deleted files back.

Android Tips

Android Tips

Android tips Undelete Beta Android Application features

There are the features Android tips of Undelete Beta Android Application. The first feature is that it has a fast scanning logic. Undelete Beta Android Application can restore any file that has not been written over. Undelete Beta Android Application works for securely wipe/shred files. Images, video, music, archives, and binaries are the files that can be recovered using Undelete Beta Android Application. Currently, only rooted android device and FAT file system is supported on Tegra 2 devices. Only the external SD is supported and tested on Incredible S, Nexus S, Xoom, Transformer, Sensation, Galaxy S I/II, Galaxy Ace, Desire. Some files that are discovered after a scan may fail to recover as data may be corrupted.

Android tips to download Undelete Beta Android Application

Undelete Beta is a free android application. There are three options to download this application to your smartphone. You may go to android market link, or simply use barcode reader, or click direct install from android phone browser. That’s all about Android tips.

Android Tips 2

Android Tips 2

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