Android Theme Review about Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme

Android theme ice cream sandwich CM7 is created by Google. Since it has launched at the first time, it has become the favorite Android theme for android users all around the world. Ice cream sandwich CM7 Android theme instantly makes android users fall in love with it because of its good design and quality.

Android theme

Android theme

The look of Ice cream sandwich CM7 Android theme

If you are beginner in using this Android theme, you will notice that all of the system apps such as calendar, camera, and so forth have had their icons updated to their Ice cream sandwich CM7 counterparts. Therefore, they will have fresh and new looks if you use Ice cream sandwich CM7 Android theme. The notification bar and its respective icons are changed into new blue color. This blue color was first introduced in Honeycomb Android theme, and now it is being carried over into ice cream sandwich Android theme. The text in the pull down bar, such as your carrier, the date, and the word “notifications” are displayed in the similar color.

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The text on your actual notifications is a bright white, which stands out nicely compared to the darkness of the pull down and makes everything easy to read. The “clear” button is replaced with “X” sign with blue color. This will not make you confuse, because the purpose is obvious. It also looks much sleeker than it was on old Android theme. The dialer is sporting Robot Light and looks all the better for it. The numbers are in blue and the letters are in grey. The combination of those colors looks nice on your android devices. Check boxes inside menus are also in blue, with a subtle glow to them. Anything highlighted is the same blue, and the force field that appears when a list hits the top of bottom of the screen is colored the same too. If you want to make your android devices more beautiful, nice, but still easy to operate and clean, download this Ice cream sandwich CM7 Android theme.

Android theme 2

Android theme 2

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