Add shopping list on your Android with Little List

Tired of reaching the supermarket and not remember what you had to buy?  Record the list of purchases at your pocket note uncomfortable and then lose? Need something more professional than a notebook?

Android with Little List apps

Android with Little List apps

If you passed any of these things or just want to try something new, Little List is your only option to organize everything!
Little List has support for both English and Spanish and is easy to install. You can add as many items as you like and separate them into categories that you want. Then you can filter those categories if your purchase is very large.

You can create new products set price or if you have a discount but you can also access a history of the items you’ve ever bought. Once you select the product is added directly to the shopping list and you can set both the price and quantity discounts for each item. At every moment you can check as wearing worn.

At checkout, Little List allows you to add variable or fixed discount to the total purchase.
With one touch you can clear the list and start over! Little List is a product of four young developers with which your suggestions or comments are most welcome and we are available to you about changes or new features for this incredible application. Here is a video of the application:

For proper operation requires Android 2.2 or higher, download Little List apps via Android Market

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