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Swiftkey X, best keyboard apps for Android

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Manufacture: Android Apps
Swiftkey best keyboard apps for Android

If you have Samsung Galaxy, you must be familiar with Swype S, a keyboard that works by moving the finger on the keys and does quite well. Now you can try SwiftKey X Beta, a free keyboard apps.
What I have been surprised. Work as usual and you can use several fingers. What has left me mouth open is how well it detected a single letter the next word you will write. To use it you have to go to market or to the webstore and download it to your terminal. The next step is to enable you to work:
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PicSay, free photo editor for Android

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 Manufacture: Android Apps
picsay photo editor for android

The Android has the ability to take great pictures, but would not it be better if this was accompanied by a good photo editor? Well, for those who believe that it should be, we present the PicSay created by Android for all the smartphone possessing both worth can really enjoy one of the coolest features is the incredible improvement photos that can be taken with great camera. Miss this opportunity should not be in their possibilities, since the package is very comprehensive and always necessary, for anything it’s free, even a personal or professional edition.
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Top Android App to Stream Videos on PC to Android Wirelessly

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 Manufacture: Android Apps
Android app to Stream Videos

Android app to Stream Videos on pc to android wirelessly is a new stuff to download on many sites including here and it initially was only created for the owners of the Droid handset to its compatibility. This Android app to Stream Videos is the best effort to enjoy the PC to phone streaming even on your Samsung Galaxy S2 for better way to stream it with the Android phone. The Android app to Stream Videos is now available for download in this site.

The Zumocast is now available
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Add shopping list on your Android with Little List

Monday, August 25, 2014 Manufacture: Android Apps
Android with Little List apps

Tired of reaching the supermarket and not remember what you had to buy?  Record the list of purchases at your pocket note uncomfortable and then lose? Need something more professional than a notebook?
If you passed any of these things or just want to try something new, Little List is your only option to organize everything!
Little List has support for both English and Spanish and is easy to install. You can add as many items as you like and separate them into categories that you want. Then you can filter those categories if your purchase is very large.
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Android Apps, Broadcast Droid

Monday, August 25, 2014 Manufacture: Android Apps
Android Apps Broadcast Droid

It looks as though all people are fighting to be the break-out increased realness application. Broadcastr brings together the political party and it just turned out in the Android Market place. Tips to get I can delineate Broadcastr is it is an audio method of Twitter. Broadcastr is a social media platform for location-based taradiddles. You can enter and listen to audio writes up tied in with a special location.
Broadcastr debuted in Dec and is fashioned by Electric Literature co-founders Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum. They delineate their service as :.
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