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The Comparison Of iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android Phone

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Manufacture: Android Tablet
iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S 2

iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 has been on a comparison that issued to make the iOS 5 Siri Wins from the Samsung Galaxy II since the iOS faster on the performance for Siri. This problem on the Android could be caused by the performance of the processor itself that make it runs slower than iPhone 4S that real fast, if you have ever try it. The iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 comparison has resulted many discussions. The iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S 2 also supported …

Android eHow Application How to Download

Monday, July 28, 2014 Manufacture: Android Apps
Android eHow application

Android eHow application can be downloaded and installed easily. You do not need do difficult steps to provide that application in your Android phone. Many people are getting head over heels with Android recently. It can be said that Android is a new idol in this era. The reason why it can be so is because people are able to insert any application in Android. For those who like playing games, Android is also the best preference. You can download application to get unlimited pleasure through Android. Android spoils the …

Fruit Ninja Game Let You Feel the Guts of Slicing Fruit

Monday, July 28, 2014 Manufacture: Android Games
fruit ninja game

Fruit ninja game is claimed as the most popular game for slicing fruit in the world. It is categorized as the new game indeed. We rarely find the game that has game play of slicing fruit. Perhaps there was but it just not popular. As a popular game there are must something interesting about Fruit ninja game. In the android market, there are more than 25.000 people have downloaded Fruit ninja game and the numbers are keep rising and rising each day.

The Fruit Ninja Game Play
Fruit ninja game is …

The Top Rated New Samsung Galaxy S 3 Android Phone Coming Within Months

Sunday, July 27, 2014 Manufacture: Android Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the new species of the Samsung Galaxy and many people still ordering the Galaxy II, meanwhile the revolution begin on month. You need to be patient to have the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 since there is a tempted Samsung Galaxy S2 that already becomes the second range of Samsung Galaxy series. The news about Samsung Galaxy S 3 also supported by the other version as the new Galaxy Nexus is proving better on the benchmarks that also on the hot sale.

The incoming new …

Top Android Game Lines 2: Move Blocks to Form Lines

Sunday, July 27, 2014 Manufacture: Android Games
Move Blocks to Form Lines

Move Blocks to Form Lines is the new hot downloaded Android Game Lines 2 or the version 2 of the old game that become the hot game since it has simple rules yet fun for killing time. The new Move Blocks to Form Lines 2.02.00 is a brand new developed Android game for android based Motorola Droid, HTC Eris, Magic, Hero and G1 that also fit for other variants that makes your gaming time more fun. The basic rule of the game is to move blocks from cell to cell …